The 11th issue of the „RUBINAITIS“ starts with the message „My Book, my Love“ by Miguel A. Fernández-Pacheco and is followed by two observations of the new children’s books by the Lithuanian authors published in 1998. Danguolė Šakavičiūtė eritises the new prose for children in general, but pays more attention for some more or less succesfull books: that is The most fashioned Crocodile (pieture book by Nijolė Kepenienė and Birutė Zokaitytė), The next story abont Slipper by Vytautas Račickas and historical novel for teenagers Mindaugas’ Son by Skomantas.

The young scholar Neringa Mikalauskienė analizes new books of children poems: The Letter to Sunday by Ramute Skučaitė, by Sigitas Geda, Not finished Tale by Sigitas Poškus and Žvėrynas by Liutauras Degėsys. Since the authors of these books are well experencied and famous, the „yield“ of the poetry is richer compercd to prose.

The German scholar Gabriela Wenke is the honourable guest of the magazine. The Lithuanian readers will find plenty of new information about the modern children’s books in Germany. Hope, the information will interested translators and publishers.

The 200 birth anniversary by the Russian classic Aleksandr Pushkin is celebrated in all over the world this year. „Rubinaitis“ also decided not to ignore this event and asked Jurij Novikov, the professor of Vilnius Pedagogical University, to write about Pushkin’s Literary fairy tales. The subtitle of Novikov’s artiele is „Pushkin’s fairy tales and the folklore tradition“ and it says much about the aspect of the investigation. The most interesting idea is that one can note very much in common between Pushkin’s tales and those tales recorded from old russians in Lithuania. „The first and the biggest imigration into Lithuania was from the Pskov region. Ana Radionovna, the nannie, who told fairy tales to young Aleksandr Pushkin, also was born in Pskov“, – states Novikov.

Two traditional captions – „Lef read together, Mother“ and „Books of My Childhood“ are related with the name of the outstanding Lithuanian poet Martynas Vainilaitis. The excerpt from his new poem „The Tale of the Smith“ is follow ed by the Elona Varnauskiene’s interview with Vainilaitis. The poet rellects his young days; confesses the influence by prominent children’s author Vytė Nemunėlis on his creative works; stresses the importance of Nature world in his life and works; also says the Lithuanian mythology is very rich and children should know it thanks to poetry, in which the mithological motives are used.

Excerpts from young reader’s letters about books are contained in the „Letters“ section.

The closing „Bibliography“ and „Chronicle“ sections are prepared by Roma Kišūnaitė.

Žurnalas „Rubinaitis“, 1999 Nr. 1 (11)


Balandžio 2-oji – tarptautinė vaikų knygos diena



Prozos negandos ir viltys: 1998 metai
Valkataujančio sekmadienio pasaka Žvėryne nebaigta (1998-ųjų poezija)
Nuo Samso iki pasaulio vidurio (vokiečių vaikų ir jaunimo literatūra 1978–1998 m.)

A. Puškino 200-osioms gimimo metinėms

Pasaka meluodama pamoko (A. Puškino pasakos ir folkloro tradicija)

Paskaitykim, mama

Žydrasis Rojus (Ištrauka iš poemos „Kalvio pasaka“*)

Mano vaikystės skaitymai

Martynas Vainilaitis: „Noriu grįžti į pradžios mokyklą“


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